Penny Dreadfuls

With powerful, precise and melodic playing, each Penny Dreadfuls concert is a unique experience with communicative energy.
Penny Dreadfuls, it’s not just rock. It’s not just pop. It’s not even meant to be taken seriously at times. It’s just the sound of four guys who suddenly discovered they had something musically deep going on together…
So what do you wait to discover and follow us?

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+590 690-255-947


We are super proud to announce the release of our first EP live "SOMETHING ELECTRIC" !!! Now available on every plateforms but you can SUPPORT US DIRECTLY on .
Rock your life!

We released our debut single "Wake Up" worldwide!!! Go and listen to it! This is big rock.


Tour Dates

Previous Tour Dates
28/12/2019Ja'ri beach (Twixmas Rock Night)Baie-Mahault (Jarry, Houelbourg)21h00
31/10/2019Américano Café (Halloween Rock Party)Sainte-Anne (Plage municipale)21h00
12/04/2019Ja'ri beachBaie-Mahault (Jarry, Houelbourg)21h00
16/02/2019Le Prince Land (with Spicy Iggies)Le Gosier (Montauban)21h00
12/01/2019Rock The TrailSofaÏa19h00
20/12/2018Zoo Rock CaféLe Gosier (Marina)22h00
1/11/2018Zoo Rock CaféLe Gosier (Marina)22h00
26/10/2018Americano CaféSaint-Anne (Plage municipale)21h00
15/09/2018Le Prince LandLe Gosier (Montauban)21h00
20/07/2018Casa Datcha (Penny Dreadfuls unplugged)Le Gosier (Plage municipale)19h00
12/07/2018Zoo Rock CaféLe Gosier (Marina)22h00
21/06/2018Zoo Rock CaféLe Gosier (Marina)22h00
28/04/2018Américano CaféSainte-Anne (Plage municipale)21h00
7/04/2018Gains-Bar (Rock your night!)St-François (Marina)22h00
24/02/2018Ja'ri beach (Rock the beach)Baie-Mahault (Jarry, Houelbourg)21h00
16/02/2018Casa DatchaLe Gosier (Plage municipale)19h00
10/02/2018Gains-barSaint-François (Marina)21h00
26/01/2018Américano CaféSainte-Anne (Plage municipale)21h00
7/12/2017Zoo Rock CaféLe Gosier (Marina)22h00
4/11/2017Ja'ri Beach (Rock en bar s)Baie-Mahault (Jarry, Houelbourg)23h00
21/06/2017Ja'ri BeachBaie-Mahault (Jarry, Houelbourg)21h00
10/06/2017Espace Duval (Festival Gwada Connexion)Petit-Canal20h00
3/06/2017La Ferme de Perrine (Mangroove Festival)Le Lamentin, Martinique20h00
26/05/2017Americano CaféSaint-Anne (Plage municipale)21h00
22/04/2017Ja'ri BeachBaie-Mahault (Jarry, Houelbourg)21h00
26/01/2017Zoo Rock CaféLe Gosier (Marina)22h00
20/01/2017Ja'ri BeachBaie-Mahault (Jarry, Houelbourg)21h00
9/12/2016Zion ParkLe Gosier (Port-Blanc)21h00
18/11/2016Zion Park (Let s get rock)Le Gosier (Port-Blanc)21h00
31/10/2016Quai OuestLe Gosier (Marina, Capitainerie)22h00
22/10/2016La KabaneSaint-François21h00
24/09/2016Concert privéPetit-bourg (Bergette)19h00
16/07/2016La KabaneSaint-François21h00
24/06/2016Au Pays d'OcBaie-Mahault (Jarry)21h00
21/06/2016Place SarraultPetit-Bourg19h00

  • Every single one of us needs fantasy

    Wake up
  • Welcome to my nightmare, it's easy if you try

    Sweet Penny
  • There's something electric, suspended in the air

    Something electric
  • Sold your soul, living on your own. Yesterday, now is blown away

    King pie
  • Love will win in the end

  • There will be a new day, wherever the sun rises

    The Sun

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